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  1. Workout nutrition illustrated. What to eat before, during, and after exercise.

    What to eat before, during, and after exercise. By John Berardi and Brian St. Pierre We all know that what you eat is important. But so is when you eat, especially if you're active. That's why, in this infographic, we share what to eat before, during, and after exercise. Notes: 1.

  2. Protein: How Much Is Too Much?

    Protein is the latest item to be given the health halo effect, a phenomenon that leads people to overestimate the healthfulness of a food based on one quality. With customers convinced that protein-rich foods will help them lose weight, boost energy or bulk up (Nassauer 2013), food manufacturers have capitalized on the halo effect by creating new p...

  3. Intermittent Fasting: A Primer

    If you haven’t had a client ask about it yet, you will soon. Intermittent fasting has hit the mainstream, and a lot of peo- ple are taking notice. Proponents claim that intermittent fasting causes more rapid weight loss than other approaches; that it makes dieting easier; and that it improves blood glucose control and blood lipids. Does th...

  4. Corrective Exercise for Shoulder Impairments

    Movie stars, athletes and brides-to-be work hard to develop shoulders that are aesthetically pleasing, and shoulders are an integral part of the big somatic “picture.” However, there is much more going on in this area than meets the eye. The shoulder complex involves more than one joint, and healthy, functional shoulders are more desira...

  5. My Top 5 Moves for Athletic Strength - Robertson Training Systems

    Let's start with an important, yet not so obvious statement.... Athletes are not professional lifters. Does strength have carryover to what they do on the field or court? Absolutely. But is it the be-all, end-all of athletic development? Absolutely not. When it comes to developing a well-rounded athletic development program, you can't put in everything ...

  6. Motivational Interviewing-Steps to Behavior Change

    Are you motivated by someone telling you what to do or are you more motivated to do something when it is your own idea and choice to do it? You probably agreed with being more motivated by your own ideas and decisions. Do you think your clients feel the same

  7. Pilates-Based Exercises for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

    Are your clients complaining of back pain, or do they describe themselves as having a “bad back?” If so, their complaints are not uncommon. The Mayo Clinic recently reported that 4 out of 5 adults experience at least one bout of back pain at some point during their lifetime. Considering these statistics, the likelihood of your encounter...

  8. Help for Low-Back Pain

  9. Ecwid Control Panel

  10. 8 Fitness Trends for 2018

    2017 is winding down and it's almost time to flip the calendar to 2018, which is the perfect opportunity to gaze into the future and try to predict what will happen in the fitness industry over the coming year.

  11. 5 Daily Moments to Make Better Decisions for Your Health

    Your daily health choices might seem trivial in the moment, but all those small decisions add up to either positive behavior change or a string of potentially health-harming habits. Here's how to make the most of everyday opportunities to eat well and stay (or get) in shape.

  12. Exercise Alters Our Microbiome. Is That One Reason It's So Good for Us?

    But those studies have been associational and could not show whether exercise actually altered microbes or how any microbial changes might later affect health. So for the new study, which was published in November in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, scientists from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign decided to track the guts of people who undertook an unfamiliar exercise routine.

  13. 21 Reasons to Eat Less Sugar That Have Nothing to Do With Losing Weight

    Don't be alarmed-but something's hiding in your food. From the cereal you had for breakfast to the dressing on your salad to the ketchup on your fries, an addictive substance is lurking in many foods that you'd never suspect. Far more loathed than fat or cholesterol these days, sugar has become public enemy No.

  14. The BEST Resistance-training Program for Fat Loss

    Almost any resistance-training program will be effective in the short-term for modestly decreasing body fat (assuming proper nutrition is observed). For a program to continually be effective, however, it's important to understand how to modify the three essential training variables that impact fat loss.


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